Laying on the floor

At the bottom of a pit

Created in my mind

All the light drained from the world.


A rope fell to the bottom

Brushing my hand

Begging me to grab on.


Channeling my remaining strength 

I clutched the rope

And felt myself rise




I saw light sometimes 

On the way up

But the darkness was still there

Surrounding me.


It felt like years

Waiting to reach the top

To see the world I had been missing.


The faces of my loved ones greeted me

All those that I had been blind to 

While consumed by darkness.


The sky was bluer than I remembered--

Had it always looked like a photograph?


Birds whistling in the trees

Notes drifting from instruments, mouths, speakers...

The sounds of the world were alien, yet captivating. 


The hugs of those I loved

Warm and comforting

Pulled me further from the pit.


At times I still see the pit in the corner of my eye



But it no longer scares me.


Seeing the hole I had fallen into

Sheltered from the world

I recognize how lucky I am

To be a part of the musical, colorful, delicious world

That I am a part of.


The world that is filled with love

And that I am filled with love for.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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