I awake in this lonely room

I feel though as something is missing

I let you completely conquer me 

I let the darkness shackle me


I can see the light

I cannot escape for the shackles have locked me in

No matter how hard I try

It just ends up the same way

I see dark

Me being used and left in this fiery room

There is no escape from this fiery dream 

All I can feel are broken hearts


I can feel your touch

I suddenly sense your presence 

I realize I have the power to escape this torment 

I break these chains 

I walk toward the light to escape this fire

To leave the haunting behind

The teardrops are my hope

I have the strength to move on

I know your promise to reunite will come true


I step into the light 

For now I realize 

I am good enough 

For our hearts will always be united 


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