Sometimes we wonder why we are here.

Why we, of all people, are here.

We question our purpose in life,

while others end theirs with a knife.

Some sit at home all alone,

afraid to be thrown in the loser zone.


Now what's that I hear?

A single tear?

Its running down your cheek,

while you climb the highest mountain peak.

You keep going until you see that old town,

hoping you wont be pulled down.

You finally reach the top,

just to get that familiar pop.


What do you do when all hope feels lost?

Everything on the line is at cost.


You cant run, you cant hide.

They're like an ocean tide.

They beat you senseless,

make you feel useless.


Just know you are not alone.

None of this is your fault, that should be known.

Don't listen to those who say different

because there is still hope.





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