Honorable Death By; Isaiah Graham



Type: Narrative


Form: Narrative


I ran and I ran. I put my

problems on the shoulders

of others. They had to suffer

at the hands of my enemies.

My enemies and I mimic each others’

movements. We shed blood together, felt

pain together, and thought about when we might

die together. Battle after battle how long will this war

last? Is this because I’m the best samurai in the land?

My fellow samurai try to destroy everything that is important to me.

I can remember when I had to kill my best friend Sanada. We grew up

together, trained together and I killed him in cold blood. His son is now a bastard

and his wife is now a widow. I think to myself what a predicament this is. How do I fix it?

If I live the other samurai will murder anybody connected to me in order to hurt me then they

will try to kill me to become the head samurai, but if I die my Loved ones will live and peace will

be restored. So it’s settled. Let my sword be the peacemaker, let my demise satisfy my enemies’

undying thirst for power, and let the slaughter of the innocent. This is the last time sword

will be used to save lives I thank the gods for my time life. I welcome this honorable death. It is the samurai way.


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