YOU were the wind.
Under my wing.
We could not think.
Of such a thing.
As a War in Vietnam.
You answered.
When we called.
YOU were the wind.
Under my wing.
May God,
Grant You
Eternal Peace.
We pray.
~ Ricardo
This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


MillRatUSMC aka Ricardo

Patrick Hayes USMC

MillRatUSMC aka Ricardo

Apoem by Door-Gunner Patrick Hayes USMC

Dawn was the best
Time to launch.
The sky, a brilliant glow
Of red and yellow hues
Blushing The Pearl's
Air beneath us
All the way
To the ground.
The ground:
So beautiful, green
So beautiful, red
The sky:
So vibrant, 
So deadly.
Hear the Dog 
See the Dog:
Fire breathing from it's mouth
Hear the grunt of opposing gravity:
Deafening, lifting up,
Deafening all the way up
And on the way to wherever we go.
Up, up away from red-clay base, 
A thousand feet up
In no time at all
Another and
Another Dog fly upward
To join together
In the sky
Like birds in migration.
A division of Dogs
In the rising sun of dawn:
A most beautiful sight
As we fly along 
While Vietnam awakens
From another night
To another dawn.
~ Patrick Hayes USMC

MillRatUSMC aka Ricardo

What Pat does not say in his poem, there was a lot work.

To insure those 'birds' were in condition to fly.

Nor the gut wrecking through-out their time in the air.

Dawn was as cool as it was going to be for anyday.

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