you call out my name 

Honey Honey 

but that's not my name 

You say Honey when you need something 

You say honey to trick me 

You say it to make me your's 

When I'm low you kick me 

When I'm high you drag me down 

but when I'm gone you're empty 

Honey Honey 


Honey honey

you call out my name 

but i can't hear you

for I have foresaken that name 

you say it time and time again

but no matter how many times it has been said

no matter how much I desire that name to go away

it has been a burden to my brain


Honey Honey 

How could you

Honey Honey 

What did I do 

For you have harmed me 

But i have done nothing but loved you 

Honey Honey 

What am i supposed to do 

for you once were my everything 

but now your my main enemy.

This poem is about: 
My family


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