Honesty as a Policy

Shouts, Screams, Thunder, and Roars

All hidden behind unopened doors

Lies, Betrayal, Beaten, and Broke

Buried beneath the ash in the smoke

Fire, War, Gun Shots, and Swords

News Reports hide under shiny new boards

Turmoil, Chaos, Mayhem, Unrest

Morals of citizens put to the test

Whether we are gay, straight, confused, or too bold

Political machines try to make a new mold

Lies or truths, just something to believe

Constantly forcing our refugees to leave

Pushing them out and shutting our doors

Our country will soon be great no more 

Putting on trial the people of us 

For simply not moving to the back of the bus

Tearing down barriers only to put up new walls

Continuously attempting to show off our balls

Acting out to gain attention

But only hurting the people of our nation

Orange tans and toupees to cover your lies

But would some even remember to clear their recent buys

If our genitals determine if our opinion is right

Then you might as well hop on the next one way flight

Twitter is not a man's personal drone 

Especially when they're still using an old android phone

Hypocrites are the target of comedians jokes

So the nation should sit back and open some cokes

Or perhaps the cops instead want Pepsi

While jokes are on the rise about epilepsy 

Locker room talk is all fun and games

But when certain name comes into play, then who is really left to blame

Women apparently becoming just something to grab

But I guess some men compensate for something they don't have

Presidency is headed towards stardom within jokes

Maybe next time we will remember to vote 

This poem is about: 
My country


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