Honesty at Its Finest


So…you want me to “Speak my mind”?

Do you want what’s in my head, my heart, a little of both combined?

Am I just supposed to trust that you care about my thoughts deeply,

Or should I assume you want to use them against me.

Because believe it or not, I have enough to worry about,

With college and finances, there’s no time for scenic routes.

I can’t run a five minute mile, or throw a piece of pig skin across a field,

So you can bet I don’t have any letters promising a free-ride unsealed.

No, instead I got the bright idea that I could pretend to be a poet,

But the truth is I suck at these things, and by now you most likely know it.

I’m justifiably irritated that I have no choice but to type my current thoughts out,

Because I didn’t want to waste time writing about a beach or a summertime cookout.

People love to act like having the money to go to college means they deserve to be there,

But this comment makes my skull itch, because I know half of them don’t even care.

Too me, college isn’t voluntary, it’s a must.

It’s one of the few ways someone like me can begin to have a decent life in a society to unjust.

My parents are in debt, so a loan is out of the question.

Any more suggestions?

A five page essay is required for that scholarship, STAT.

Look, ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’m not exaggerating when I say a few thousand dollars would free my mind,

Make my heart rate rest and my blood pressure decline.

College is a place where I will excel, and about that, I don’t want to be modest.

My “Speak Your Mind Slam” isn’t all that interesting, but at least it’s honest.


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