Honesty is the best policy

I hope you forgive Me for all the headaches I cause. My mouth truly operates Independently, andWhile I stargaze searching For words to best describe it. It cannot  Resist ruining My better realization That for your honor I should be silent  I know all wolvesNeed to be kept at a distance Even if a harmless dog can blend in With that pack, heRespects that notionNonetheless. But please understand  That even whenIt seems my heart was failing And the light in my eyes was dimming  Cause in my lifeI had no light and your wordsMight have been the breeze to beset My worries,And allay my anxieties I still cast my eyes down when coming  Close to you.For never do I wishTo be a part of a portrait when I am Not pertaining To your tastes. It is withMy utmost seriousness that I swear Your smile is aPriority so when youCall for my absence, it is a mandate  I must oblige.Cursed by my namesake,I am blessed to make you happy. And the only Words that will everBe on my lips is "As you wish."

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