My life isn't the greatest
But who's really is?

I have a boyfriend who cares
So much that he's scared.

I have friends who are with me
But not actually here.

I have family that torments
But only for my sake.

Overall I was happy
Until it started to shake.

The day when everything,
Started to fall apart.

I try to tell the truth
(Except when it comes to how I feel.)

But people keep bashing
And trying to tell me how to feel.

I can't change the way I am
Nor would I want to.

I care so much,
but I was told to never lose that.

So to those who keep bashing.
Listen to me close.

I never hated you...
I just hated ideas.

I'm scared of the loss.
Since I have lost so many.

No one knows my whole past.
What I have been through. Or how I have lasted.

So until you ask me
Don't jump to conclusions.

Because that's how you hurt people
And we end up with bruises.

I know your only trying to care too.
But look at what I'm trying to do.

It's not that I don't care.
But your making it harder to bear.

When the struggles are already so real.
And your pushing me back down the hill.

Honestly I'm scared I will lose.

I just want to be happy.
And your my muse.

Everyone I cared for long ago left
Now I don't have many left.

I know I'm at fault for some things.
But don't judge until your me.

Or at least ask me for my view.
Before you all start to spew.

Happiness is what I'm aiming for.
Though how to get there may be a bore.

So don't judge or yell at me.
What would you do in this scene?

I'm not a liar. I'm not a crook.
I didn't do anything completely wrong.

I listen and care.
Without me who would be there.

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