You want honesty so here I am

Telling you

That I don’t know everything about you

Like where you come from

Or what you’ve seen

Or what your favorite meal is

But I feel something

In my bones

That tells me that you’re worth

Asking the questions.


And while I’m being honest

I guess I should tell you that

I’m crying now

And I don’t completely understand why

But I think

It’s because the way you

Remind me that

I’m beautiful

Makes me feel like

I’m worth something

And I can’t remember the last time

That I felt like that.


Everything around me looks


But somehow it all looks

More beautiful

Out of focus.


I’m scared

Because I don’t remember ever

Feeling like someone

Was going to invest their time

In me

And I don’t want

To let you down.


Romanticism was never something

That I thought was real.


I thought that when you loved someone

You punched them on the arm and

Told them that they were kind of cool,

You know?


I didn’t know that people actually

Still wrote letters or poems on paper

Or that they actually left them on

Someone’s doorstep.


I was convinced that if you loved


You had to give up a piece of yourself

In order to allow them to be

The best they could be.


It’s new

And it’s exciting

And, mostly, fucking terrifying

That maybe I have finally met someone

Who is willing to let me be

The best I can be

Without hiding any piece of them.



WHOAAA I can totally relate to what you are saying . This poem got to me just like the title . Wonderful job I love this poem . Keep up the great work !!!

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