Honest Love

Consistentcy of my heart beat, fastens without knowledge


Often triggers my blood flow through life


Blood flow, is like no other, in the present, life


Experiencing, is a Mind-Fuck, that none, will ever understand


My Eyes, to which are focused on the pain at first 


But the visual is clear, with the pain being clear, what will, forever change you


My Body can not move, as if protection armored this place


Me, I stop, in my emotions 


This is what all I can see and feel, in the now


Is this turmoil, love, with full force of passion that is eternal, care for someone,


Destrution, or misery to sit in


Its, as if, a movie is replaying in your constant reality, but not telling you the ending


You become accustomed to reality, that leaves a mark on your body


Locked eyes that we see our souls, of butterflies, pure, that would fade in the sky


Feelings that have shown reality rotten in all forms 


Not able to restore itself, a new


We sit in such a still moment of eternity, with moments passing us by


Silently crying for one another 


We know this is life 


This will always be the real 


Reality that knows as souls, have been there


Have always been mates for a lifetime


Lifetime, a forever, to yell out our love for each other 


Never seems to fail, in this eternal life spand


Love, is not a word that can be diminished


To become loyal as our home


True residual effect, from this destructive path


Comes from seeing each other with no fear of nakedness being there


When one stops


Death is to happen 


Is this the end?


Or, is this the beginning for everything, to restore itself


New, to another mission


To be resilient , being stronger, in our next chapter, of a new life


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My community
Our world
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