There is nobody and I mean nobody that I feel it's necessary to impress
I cant help if my honesty gives you a slight vex I had to grow out of my past depression
And being honest with people is the only way that I made it
If you cant come at me and question me like a man you a boy little kid thats something I understand
Ive lost many fights in my day got jumped a few times and it was all because of my mouth
And yet I still keep being honest nobody has taken me out Ive been pushed to the verge to almost do it myself 
You cant kill my pride Im like a lion Im king I sit proudly on my throne I talk junk come and see me 
Win or lose I might apologize but nothing will change because if you ask me to keep it real the result will just be the same
I aint saying that I'm a snitch cause your deepest secrets are mine if you tell me then Ill keep Im not evil Im kind
Cause these secrets they are lethal the type to eat at your mind since you told me your precious secrets you gave a piece of your mind
Well how come now you keep it quiet cause you heard what I said I admit that those were my words now please come after my head
I said earlier Ive lost fights but I aint lose nothing important you're my brother if you fight me then that fight would be worth it
If it takes you to punch my face in that case it means I meant something and then when I apologize and say Im sorry it's all love because you are X brother
If you mad speak dont throw shade like little girls on the playground we all grown men you got something to say then say it I tell everybody Im cool with this repetitive statement
You are my brother or sister for life and I'm sorry I'm a burden but it'll pay off in the end so don't worry
This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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