Give me your time and I’ll share with you this story of mine, it’s the only thing I have left you see, my life was cleansed by the sea. My home washed away it was the only place I had left to stay. I didn’t have flood insurance because I was ensured that something traumatic wouldn’t hit, life is funny, isn’t it? I wouldn’t beg for you sympathy because feeling pity won’t do much for me. The streets are frozen at night, and the sun blazed when it’s light, I try to be polite and find a place to fresh up my face but you turn me away like homelessness is contagious. No shoes, No shirt, No service, and no I am not worthless, I am a human being in desperate despair can’t you see that this is a burden that is too much to bear? I’m not asking for much, maybe just a sensible touch from those politicians to clean up the streets and meet the defeated souls that wander around aimlessly. Homelessness should not exist shouldn’t you do your job and fix this? oh no i forgot, you’re too busy trying to clean up the mess you made, but don’t you realize that this problem won’t just fade?

Overflow in homeless shelters results in turning families away.

About 1.5 million American children are homeless each year.

An estimated 100 million people -one-quarter of the world’s population- live without shelter or in unhealthy and unacceptable conditions

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