The house has gone quiet again;
my body started to wake up at
the sudden difference in volume.

I wasn't sure why the quiet was
the reason I woke up;
isn't it usually the other way around?

The television was either on mute
or off,
the lights that usually run up the
electricity bill were turned off
and for once the dog wasn’t barking
at the wind.

I turned over, ready to be like the
sloth in Proverbs, but decided to get
up instead.

I felt off, incomplete, and incredibly
distant from myself;
then I felt this distinct feeling,
a feeling I know well, but can never place.

Its almost like homesickness, but I
don't relish being at home too much.

Ah yes, I recognize it now.
Your name blots my mind like an ink
spill that was never meant to happen.

I miss you, I thought.
Miss you enough to turn back over
and not face the day.


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