Home within my lungs

“Home within my lungs”

By Diana Aguilar


home is not defined by four walls

And a perfect family

Home is where lies your soul and security

My home

travels with me


It is my voice

it empowers me


Adventuring into the unknown

I venture to hold strong to what I do know

What has the power to break the chains of slavery

Allows me to fight against police brutality

To speak up when I am in pain

To speak out against those haunting taunting the bleeding and shamed


I'm off to my desert island

I close my eyes and find demons that I  hate

I choose to travel with my diction

nothing scares me more than the absence of my ability to communicate


As a minority

America didn't deal me

all the privilege but i learned quickly

no one could rob me of my right to

speak freely

Silent kids with invisible chains on my corner being sold into prostitution


no one could sell my right to the constitution


White men came to America hoping for their own desert island they could build life in

Instead they found other life established themselves as superior

and diminished the voice and finished the life of those that didn't mirror




Fast forward

That same America now

Looks at me looks down

Tries to kick me out of my town


A wave of disadvantage

Drowning me in an ocean containing a higher risk of poverty



I can not swim

Because I am draped in brown pigment

Because I am a woman

these, afflictions,

my own hispanic roots

are rocks pulling me


They promise affirmative action but I tell you

the only fashion they act in;



They're damn good at acting


Police to politicians to priests claiming they are going to make a change

make America “great again”


They want to go back to their roots?

Im happy to go onto a desert island

The roots uprooted, killed, shot, looted  

A few Hundred million

American indians ,


I thought

The civil rights movement won in 1968

But The great melting pot is drowned

by the shots of the cops

Bullets locked on penniless pockets

System rigged on walking, breathing- statistics

Give me justice for all


I was taught that in 1920

our misogynistic country

legitimized woman

as human

With the right to vote we finally saw


as equal

Yet we are still viewed peered an prodded through a fishbowl


I look at myself as a number on the graph

Odds are I will  only make A nickel more than


of a white man will

My voice lets me holler

55 cents to a dollar?


Give me equality

I can believe in


They can break apart our riots

Beat us till we are blue with bruises

But they can never stop us from fighting with our words

Lincoln and Luther King used their vocal chords

To strike a chord started a movement

Emancipation proclamation, MLK’s dream, Black lives matter


We will not stop raising our voice until the systematic subjugation

Is brought to death

Every day you speak out against the social injustices

barriers fall

like Reagan’s speech that brought down the Berlin Wall


The ability to produce sound waves from within

Is as vital to me as oxygen


Stranded on a desert island

Mother Earth will care for me

Be my being to confide in

As long as my lungs are free


This poem is about: 
My community


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