Home Town


Toddville, Iowa
United States

Toddville, the place where I live

A small town right off of a busy highway

Home of Monroe Township Fire Station

Forgotten school house


Toddville, all the things I see

Bouncing balls in the ballpark

Silent scary cemetery

Abandoned run-down post office


Toddville, all the things I hear

Rushing stream hiding from

The old railroad that once stood

Two reddish-brown horses greet us

As we drive by


Toddville, all the things I smell

Great grilled summer foods

Fishy earthy pond relaxing in the sun

Smoky exhaust of the vintage car taking a stroll


Toddville, all the things I touch

Thick rubbery tractor tires

Warm wooden well-used playground set

Sunning itself in serene Monroe Park


Toddville, as you leave

Remember the bouncing balls on the field

The forgotten school house

Notice the multicolored tower waving goodbye

And wave back to it.


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