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The poison I have consumed since the truth has left my mouth
Continues to fester, but it only festers because I chose this route
I knew what I wanted to be from the moment I knew what entertaining was
Living a life where the words coming out of my mouth sounded like a faint buzz
If it wasn't about being a doctor, being a lawyer or something that guarantees immediate pay
They let me know that my financial support from them would end on that day
So what was it that i was supposed to do?
Should i live my life pleasing me or pleasing you?
I can't pay for college on my own,
I can only get but so many loans, so should i surrender?
No, because i'm who's up next.
The poison I consumed since I opened my mouth
Is the motivation i use for your relentless doubt.
I am a Star. I will go far. Paying for college and my car,
All alone, it's not much but it's the first place i've been that ever felt like home.


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