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With Christ by my side,
I will find my home.
As long as he is in my heart,
I shall never be alone.

I thought I had a home
Deep in the heart of this city.
But, lately, persecution
Has driven me completely

The West attacks
With its weapons pointed at all,
No discrimination between us;
They want us all to fall.

I cry in the face of my situation,
Always fearful for my life.
I just want to belong,
Not be forced into such strife.

This holy land,
Does it matter whom it belongs to?
People from everywhere come here
But, I haven’t seen anyone come truly through
The lies that have been painted
Over every East Christian’s face.
The violence, the stereotypes,
The destroying of every trace
Of our history,
Of our livelihood.
Where can I turn?
Where is the good?

This was not supposed to happen,
Christ never wanted this.
He wanted only peace and love,
Never a fighting fist.

I am told that Christ died,
Not for selfishness and pain,
But for the beginning of new life,
For the sharing of all wealth and gain.

He was condemned at the home of Pontius Pilate
And walked a sorrowful trail.
Crucifixion awaited him at its end,
But he did not fail.
He faced this cruel end
And destroyed eternal death
In hopes that one day
Humanity would follow in his kind footsteps.


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