Tue, 09/25/2018 - 07:51 -- Miraka

When I was at my home,

Just my family out of home.I`d stay and watched,home alone. I knew, I`m only one,whose in this house.If somebody had jump to,the house like home alone. Alas, I just heard a knock,of the door.My fear came to my body.I wanted to pee, but I can`t move The door handle was bumping.I shouted and trembled.I ran to my room,as fast as I can. I just hid myself.And cried "I`m too small to die".I feel my pants were wet,The fear had gone away,Because I heard a voice. That voice screamed."YOU IDIOT, IT`S ME!"Yes, I am a idiot.How could I fear to my big brother!

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