I came into this world not knowing not knowing how life would be like to not have you by my side. 

My mother who the one that gave birth to me is no longer to be seen

I never understood now eighteen, "Mom, why have you abandon me.?"

Was it something you have seen about me you did not like?

Was it because you did not love me?

Was it because you thought it would be the best?

The thoughts always dissort in my head to where it's not only my head that hurts

But everything as a whole 

I dislike the fact I had no place to go, no person to hold, no place or someone I could truly call home.

Fresh and own blood, little did I know it only begun 

Finding out you had not just one or two more of me, but a ton!

Thirty to be exact.

Thirty and I still never know how to react.

Safe and sound you want me to be. 

But where are you because last time I have checked you were never around. 

I never know whether to love you or hate you. 

Sometimes ever since I have found you, I regret that I ever met you. 

A home is where it is your peace. 

Safe place. 

Under one roof there is more love in the world you can ever receive and a place where you can be you. 

You were never there. 

You were never my home. 

The family is my new own flesh of blood. 

And that is true. 

This is my new home. 


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My family
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