Fri, 06/14/2013 - 16:18 -- skai

He aimlessly cries for a place call home
as everyone keeps telling him “soon”
Reaches out with fragile arms
Into an empty space of an eggshell white
Only to be told “don’t do it”
Glued to a bed that isn’t his own
Wondering when he will be home
As the white blocked ceiling slowly burn into his memory to replace what was his home
People walking in and out with the freedom to leave as they please
All he really wants is to be on his own two feet
Walk out of this hell hole, free
Free from the wires and the ongoing beeps
Away from what others consider as “freaks”
Just want to be home
On my own soft cushioned bed
Watching the programs and laugh
Be with my love ones by my side
But all of this seem like a dream that’s flying by



A dedication to someone close to my heart

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