My eyes are closed listening to the raspy sound of my own breathing.
Feeling the feeble beats of my fading heart.
I can feel the chills or panic racing up my arms.
'This is it'
Three words screaming in my head
So loud I feel as if my ear drums may burst
And I haven't spoken a word.

As start to drift away,
A tall figure walked into my hospital room.
I glanced curiously at his dark jeans and black hoodie.
The word whispers itself into my ears
'Who are you?' I ask groggily
'I am here to play for you' he says simply

He pulls an obsidian flute from somewhere
He touches the instrument to his pale lips
And begins to play

The flute begins to cry
I have never heard such a beautiful sound in my life
The notes rise and fall and wail,
As if begging me to spare it's life
Pleading to let it live

My body relaxes in response
My breathing becoming less harsh
And my heart quiets down
I close my eyes in time to hear the scream of the monitor

'We're losing her'
'Save her, save her
But still the melody plays on

I feel it wrap my body in warmth
And I let go

I open my eyes in a different place
The stranger with the flute stands in front of me
And my cancer is gone.
'Where am I?' I ask him
His response was simple

'I was sent to take you home.'


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