He held her hand,

He held it tight;

Something about leaving

Didn't feeel right.


He kissed her lips

And then her cheek.

He wished he was there longer;

He'd been home about a week.


He grabbed his bags

And didn't look back;

He wanted to remember her smile

And knew her expression was sad.


Time after time,

Deployment and training,

She never left his head --

His motivation for fighting.


He saw the world

And experienced it plenty.

Enough to know

That having her made him lucky.


His contract ended,

It was time to go home.

He didn't want her to have

Another moment alone.


She waited at the terminal,

But didn't see his face.

She started to hope

She was in the wrong palce.


He hugged her form behind;

She knew his touch.

It had been so long,

She missed it so much.


He twirled her around

And kissed her lips softly,

Then he took her hand

And dropped onto one knee.


He took out the ring

And she thought it must be a joke,

But her eyes teared up,

And she said "yes" before he spoke.


From the time they said "I do,"

To their last breath of "I love you,"

He was always home,

And she was never alone.


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