Racing around the bustling city

people line the main road that runs for miles

Dodgeing traffic

As mothers and fathers

repetitively drag their kids to school

to go work long

winter, spring, summer, and fall days


In winter, a twang of emptiness 

hangs in clouds above my head

doors shut

streets crowded with honking horns

snow, ice, and dirty slush

garnish the city everywhere


Budding trees

spark springs rejuvenating arrival

where bikes pass, hoola hoops spin

and school girls run carefree

with legs bare beneath

pleated, plaid uniform skirts

anxious for the last bell 

to welcome another,



where the parents continue to work 

and the nannies of kids

chase ding-ding man trucks for blocks 

after long, hot days 

spent at the College World Series

where bats and balls clink

amidst rebellious teenagers who hop the fence to

"go down in history"

while kids jump from diving boards

launching into refreshing blue pools


Coming up to breathe

they run to jump again

this time landing 

in a pile of raked leaves that

By dusk are burned in crackling fires

at the pumpkin patch

where smores roast and stew, sipped

smelling fall

as we walk our dogs upon chilled concrete


With each year passing around the sun

we fill the gaps with

coffee shops, late night business dinners

we gaze at the man-made rainforest and desert dome

inside the Henry Doorly Zoo- a main city attraction! 


We slump in theater seats 

munching on yellow popcorn

pile back into family vans 

cruising Pacific Street

weaving through Elmwood Park

all the way home


Where lullabies are sung

and drift to sleep we do

until we wake in the morning 

to see Omaha, once again 

the way we always do

because in our city,

the seasons change, activities too

and we look forward to each winter, fall, summer, and spring anew 




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