Homage to Haiti

                                    Homage to Haiti

                       Haiti, I've loved you i my heart

                      since i was a child

                     for you,I'd like to live  long time


                     Your lilacs sings you joy,

                      Your jasmnes, your daisies

                      Your carnations perfume enchants

                      Your visitors

                      Homage to you,dear Haiti


                    Land of greenery and flowers,

                   Your bundant lakes and rivers,

                   Your verdant field

                    Attract te visitors


                     Homae to you,dear Haiti

                     Land of dignity and honor


                    Land of Fresh air an of fruit,

                   Your always courageous men,

                  Your always laborious women,

                  Your always joyous children

                 Homage to you, dear Haiti

               Land of dignity and honor


This poem is about: 
My country
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