The Holy Grail

From the second my body awakens
From the second my body begins to feel the cold dark of night, it whispers to my soul
It is a summoning whisper, imploring me to arise and enjoy the benefits that stem from its presence   
I, the beneficiary, do not resist its commands
Carefully I slip out of my bed
Abandoning the warmth, abandoning the comfort, abandoning it's safety
My feet shuffle silently across the wooden floor
Step by step, faster and faster, quieter and quieter   
Within seconds I arrive at the source of the whisper, anticipating the joy I will obtain once I grasp it with my hands
The holy grail of my generation
What is this most cherished teasure?
Intelligence, a necessity, a tool that has multiple functions
It consumes hours, days, years of our lives
It is the cellphone

This poem is about: 
My country


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