Mon, 06/17/2013 - 11:36 -- lina707


United States
41° 35' 26.9124" N, 73° 23' 40.0092" W

Bodies thrown in raging fires,
Shoved into gas chambers,
And left in the fields,
Withering away like crushed flowers…
And I found myself wandering through this forbidding pasture.
Lifeless corpses scattered one on top of another…

I hear the children’s screams.
As they are torn away from their
Mother, Father,
Brothers and sisters…

The world is bleak and blind,
The blood is spilled;
Nonetheless, Hitler is unsatisfied;
The Final Solution is not yet finalized.

It is raining gore,
The crimson-hued torrent
Is incessant;
Drenching us with
merciless lies
ruthless atrocity.

Why do we have to kill our kind?
Why can’t we see the truth behind these lies?

Where is the sympathy and humanity
Of mankind?


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