Thu, 11/14/2013 - 10:36 -- PL3AGU3

Judgement and laughter crowd these lonely hallways. A ghost roams the corridor. The shell of what was once a happy child now an empty entitiy drifting through the vastness of the fathoms of his inner self. On the outside he appears normal. Seeming like nothing is wrong. Yet when you lift the sleeves which he hides behind you see the marks of a child tortured by the entitiy within himself and his own home. The children treat him like a disease and avoid him. He is lost. Wondering in the eternal darkness in search of the light. No light is found. Instead he returns home where he expects the comfort of his family but is met with arguing and anger. He runs into his room. His sanctuary. A place where he could be at peace. But no peace is found when all of his lives problems are right outside his door trying to break into his safe haven. He is the child of a broken home and the carrier of a dying soul. Still he extends his tired arms towards the light of hope but it is just out of reach. He is shackled to the earth by all of the anguish and sorrow brought upon him. He finally decides to cut the shackles binding him to earth. He cuts through and as he watches everything that he once was splash onto the cold ground, he feels lifted. The light he searched for all of his life is finally in his grasp. He is finally free.

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