Hollow. I feel hollow.
Or, or maybe I feel hurt.
No it's hollow, I feel nothing ever since that night
Ever since that night, one, two three four fifth night.
I'm speechless, I can't talk about these things that have happened to me without wanting to blame myself.
Funny thing is my best friend blamed me. And I never even got the word out because I'm.. WEAK.
Funny how the word weak's denotation doesn't fit a description of a teenage mind's connotation.
I can't trust anything but the feeling of a good secure....
No not a hug I don't want to feel comfort in the arms of someone who may or may not destroy a 17 year old mind.
I destroyed you because I love you.

You've become addicted to the words I love you because of what love is supposed to mean.
Maybe now addicted to the person he wanted you to be.
After all,
I did it because I love you.

How do you trust when they all seem to start the same or is it me? Do I not know how to tell? Am I broken ? Maybe I don't feel anything anymore.
I'm so. YOUNG. WEAK. NOTHING. I can't tell anymore. Where did I lose me ? Why did I pretend to believe the words:
I'm sorry.

But wait..I thought you loved me?

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