Holden Caulfield

I am from lots of dough

From not caring if I lose my goddam gloves

From getting kicked out of schools

Because I hate the goddam phonies who think they're so cool

I'm from missing Allie

And thinking 'bout Jane

I talk to cabbies

'Bout the ducks in the lake

I flirt with girls, I drink, I smoke

But I always stop if the girl says no

I'm from walking to the park

And sleeping in the cold

Because the 'rents will be mad

That I got the axe again

So my bags are all packed

But I can't go home


I feel like I'm falling

But there's no wind going through my hair

Instead it's Mr. Antolini's goddam hand

That I feel there

He says he knows where my path will go

But if I don't know what my future holds

Then who is he to think he knows?

I end up feeling like I'm falling, yes

But not the way he said

I'm slipping through the sidewalk

Allie saves me from the abyss

Now I sit here in this mental ward

Will the goddam questions never end?

That's all I want to say right now

So here I'll let this story end


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