hold my tongue

Wed, 12/04/2013 - 11:38 -- fthrush



Hold my tongue and hold it still
it shows too much of me
it speaks my heart
and holds me accountable
Hold me and hold me tight
im too exposed
too vulnerable and too weak
too eager to tell you
my tongue ran away
and took my thoughts with it
it plastered them on walls
and shouted them from soapboxes
hold my tongue and keep it quiet
don't listen to the blabbering
to the rhymes or the treble
to the uncensored emotion
lock it away but don't swallow the key
your tongue has told me too much
has whispered too many sweet things
swayed mine own tongue to speak
i cut mine out to keep it quiet
but it grew legs and arms 
and a voice like thunder
that soon outpaced me.
my tongue ran away
its taking me with it
im dragging myself behind
trying to cover up its footsteps
hold your tongue and hold it tight
i do not want to hear 
the angels song
the breath behind your words.
cover your ears with wax
and lack of attention
so i can tell you at last
and tame my tongue
ill cover your ears
with both my hands
and pretend my words
don't change anything
i love you


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