Hold My Hand

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 10:48 -- 14akern


You tied my shoes

One rabbit chasing another

And held my hand to cross the street

You lifted me up when I needed to see

You lay down me down when I needed to sleep


Holding my hand you watched me grow,

to make new friends, to learn, to know.

You taught me to write and to tie my own my shoes;

I longed to learn  and discover everything that you knew.


As You watched me grow

I watched you slow

Eaten away before my eyes

Now I bend down to tie your shoe


This disease does not care that you are needed

You are needed here as my father

You would always take my hand and now I take yours


I pray you will have victory

For I will always need my daddy


They held my hand as I needed to try new things,

And when my heart was broken, they gave it an extra squeeze .

They watched as I grew, and with tear in eye,

They knew they would one day need to say goodbye.


That day is approaching and I can feel my hand’s grip loosening as theirs releases too.

This is a step needs to be taken, allowing us to drift apart,

But they will forever be my Mommy and Daddy in my heart.


As I release their hand, I know I am ready;

For as a teenager, I know all there is to know.

It’s guaranteed that bruises and tears will form,

But their love remains with me, no matter how far.


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