Weak is not I
Who cries to show love
Weak is the one who hides,
Who doesn't want people to know
The love that he dreams of .

Weak is not I
Who loves the sound of rain
But the cold soul,
Who looked at the drops and away
scared to think of the suffered pain

Weak is not I
Who loves them blindly
But the one who has closed his heart
For the people who broke him badly
Resisting to seem friendly

Weak is not I
Who shows them vulnerability
But him who acts strong
Eyes telling he's failing miserably
Faking tranquillity

Weak is not I
Who doesn't narrate the stories
But the one who needs people around
To know his tales
sacrifices and scares and glories

Weak is not I
Cause the burning fire might touch heights
And seems powerful to us at times
But water
We know it wins all the fights.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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