The Hobgoblin

The Hobgoblin has kidnapped President Donald Trump's fans;

When Peter Parker finds out what the Hobgoblin has done, he changes into Spider-Man.


Spider-Man swings through the air, searching for the Hobgoblin's lair, as you can see;

He uses his spider-sense to help him find his foe's lair and I'm speaking truthfully.


When Spider-Man finds the Hobgoblin's lair, he breaks in;

Spider-Man is amazing and always has been.


While crawling on the ceiling, Spider-Man sees the Hobgoblin trying to hypnotize the fans of President Trump;

The Hobgoblin is a jerk and a chump.


Spidey stops the Hobgoblin by kicking the evil fink;

The Hobgoblin really stinks.


The Hobgoblin tries to murder Spidey with his goblin-theme weapons, which is bad;

When Spidey knocks out the Hobgoblin and webs him up, President Trump's fans are glad.


After Spidey frees President Trump's fans, he calls the police, which is great;

The Hobgoblin is someone who Spidey hates.


When the police arrive to arrest the Hobgoblin, Spider-Man swings away;

The Hobgoblin is going to jail and that's all I have to say.



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