Hmong People

We are Hmong people.
We have same rights and humanity as others
However we speak differently.
Because of minds who said we tried power
The Chinese threw us out.
Because of nation lied to us
Many people had died innocently.
Because we are different
We treat other with respect and disgrace.
Yet the world of Hmong is unknown
It was told and mention as Chinese.
There is a difference. There's the similarity
There are beliefs
There will be pain of us who lost people.
The reason of losing people is sometimes not on us.
Depends on how it goes.
A boy who walked ten miles a day with people
A soldier who told the elders we will be safe
Then fight with them
Our people died to win
But promises broken the united oath
Now we had no chance remain our rights.
But we remain ourselves
Because we are Hmong people to stand next to General Vang Pao.

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