The History of Me

I am from chicken noodle soup that makes your mouth water when you walk in the door. 

I am from family vacations all across the nation.

From pestering my brother to lego creations.

I am from games and stories on rides in the car.

From fishing trips on the lake, 

we'd go out so far, we'd get lost in the journey. 

I am standing on the church pew.

(I couldn't see the screen.)

I am from theatre, gymnastics, 

and Dad coaching my t-ball team.

I am from Bella's barks, 

showing me love like I'd never seen.


I am from Chlo and I's silly faces,

Macie's plans of going places.

I am looking up to Emily

and turning to see Addie learning from me.

I have shaving cream fights 

and slushies on summer nights.

I am from cast parties, drama classes,

and New York workshops, meeting people who change my life. 

I am from friendships that last a lifetime. 


I am from writing songs, piano jams,

collecting different types of sand. 

From polaroids, picture frames,

to videos of random things.

I am singing in the shower

and counting down the hour when I am awake

and cannot sleep.

From neon shorts and big pink bows,

to putting on puppet shows.

I am from Cinderella's castle 

and princess dresses that make me feel special.

I am Bible studies and hard thought prayers to my Creator.

I am unique because of where I am from. 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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