History In The Making


In those days, we struggled.

These days, we still do.

In those days, we worked hard.

These days, we try to.

In those days, it was Bubonic Plague.

These days, it is STDs

In those days, it was slavery.

These days, it is the land of the free.

In those days, we did the twist.

These days, we do oursleves in.

In those days, we were innocent.

These days, we are full of sin.

In those days, we fell astray.

These days, we come home.

In those days, a day began.

These days, the days is done.

In those days, there was a will.

These days, there is a way.

In those days, we hoped and dreamed.

These days, we plead and pray.

In those days, we were knee high.

These days, we are waist deep.

In those days, we planted and sowed.

These days, we harvest and reap.


Those days passed through trials and aching.

Little did we know, we were history in the making.


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