History in the Making


We are the future. 

We are the past.

We hold the fate of the world in our grasp. 

As insignificant as we are, 

we make the world.

We are history in the making. 

Holding our heads up high,

we start wars and destroy our planet.

What is this world if not history in the making.

One day, our descendants will look back at us and wonder what hapened. 

They will find our "advanced technology" and laugh.

We think we have it all,

but in reality,

We are nothing more than history in the making. 

We are nothing more than the shell of a society that is the history of this world. 

Our ways are flawed and we will be seen as another bad memory,

written in a history book for our childrens children to read. 

So let's stop the hatred,

stop the pain.

Let's create a world where we can all be free to live and love as we are. 

Let us make a future where we live to love and love to live.

If we are to be history in the making,

then let's make history worth making. 

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