For History

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 17:11 -- Beglad

Some people say that history is boring

But I say history is roaring

With life long gone by

Where they see bore

I see great intrigue and more

I see that the lives they lived in their day

Shows us the way to live life today

And as we see the mistakes they have made

We all can be much better than they

But that is not all

That history is for there were some few who did not so fall

And from those few

Who stood so true

We can learn that when we die

Our acts continue to fly

If we stand for the right


When people read

Of persians and medes

All that they see are battles for greed

But when I read of this same breed

I see an empire

That should be admired

For building its power

With methods not sour

To those with moral high towers


But when I tell peeps what I just told you

Their answer is boo

We don’t need to know

How ruins of stone

Were once great kingdoms of old

There is no gold

In learning your old history fact

It can’t impact

Our day to day life

Nor help us in times of strife

For a time

I have no rhythm or rhyme

To answer their derision

But after a while

I get a smile

As the words start pouring in


So I say may I ask you

A question or two?

They say

Yea you may

What is the purpose of life

Is to simply think up sin and strife?

I say it is to serve God and man

As best we can

But how does history help a man

To serve all others with his hands?

They press me sore

To answer more

So say I

We cannot deny

That all the things that happen while we last

Have already happened in the past

Since this truth self-evident is

For every situation that may arise

We can see in hindsight through history’s eyes

When we this hindsight see

Every decision will very easy be

Now I hope you see

How history can very helpful be

Hearing that

Which they know they can’t combat

They walk away

Scowling all the day

So I turn from their ugly attitude

Hoping you have the aptitude

To understand and empathize with my gratitude

For history


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