Is it but an act of freedom
Speaking my mind?
Is it but an act of intelligence
When I speak with these words you're insecure of?
I speak with the intent of constructing my own mind with resources unprovided by the world I am but an occupant in. 
In the society we live in
Speaking your mind is but an act of disrespect 
But only when you're in opposition of authority.
In the society we live in
I am in protest.
I am in protest of the laws.
Which so many citizens neglect to abide by.
I am in protest of the chain which constricts so many brains from development.
I am in protest of the world I am in.
In the society I live in 
It is wrong to have an opinion.
Women vs men is a constant comparison
Who is stronger, wiser, or more capable is all dependent on the gender you are.
In the society I live in
Your life is dependent on your skin color.
Whether you are black or white they're are still people there for discrimination.
People are at a constant battle with the history which we thought we left behind.
In the society I live in
The ways of the people who first walked this world are now forgotten
And actions which reflect the fire which lie beneath us are abundant on the land which no longer grows with good intent.
We are stuck in a world filled with fire
And as we're left in a drought we have no way of assisting the absence of rain.
We're stuck in a world which is stuck in the past.
The universe is at a stand still with each end being pulled by opposition.
As we reach a breaking point neither side will give up, neither side will cave in.
The universe is without the original proposition 
And without the intent of discovery within the heavens what is the universe for?
Why are we here,
And why aren't we changing?


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