His Words at Night

Fri, 02/25/2022 - 12:11 -- Zanies

     As you come home, around 11

I'm the first thing on your mind

you text me when you're back, take a shower

wait for my reply, eat, take an hour

     The clock says 12:06am, you call me late

we talk and talk for hours 

as you tell me how you wish to call me yours

the sweetness of your words, the depth in your voice

your admiration for me, your willingness to keep my trust

     The time passes by, now around 2am

our conversation shifts more and more 

as we talk about things from superpowers to calling a little one ours

you make me smile and laugh as your voice sooths me to sleep

I'm not sure what to do with you

or if there should be an us

but I want you so

I want you to call me yours the way you talked

in a call or home alone

ear to phone or pulling clothes

you have conflicted me, now I can only think of you

not the one I am supposed to

but I can't help it, I enjoy your presence 

and you make me smile so let's talk a little while longer

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