His Story

Lost within this cold world, no sound nor light to guide him, i remain hiding in plain sight thine fine eyes shall not find him, behind him lies sleeping a dormant beast entwined inside him, slightly awoken by the ray of light the skies of night provide him, and he speaks to himself as he realizes a cruel reality, that in actuality, its myself in the end who battles me, in one hand you see myself at peace with himself and those around him, in the other a monster that wishes to destroy all that surrounds him. two different sides of one coin that can be flipped at moments notice, one shows good fortune, the other deprives the hopeless, of knowing exactly what hope is, he wishes to crush all souls he sees, leaving those people without a leg to stand on for they have only broken knees, in his hands he holds the keys to being what he knows to be, his perfect self,confident,successful, exactly what he knows he needs, and one day, some day, when he finds that motivation , that he once had, he'll bring light back to a dark world and save it.. he's got a lot of things to say, but not a lot of time to say it in , a lot of words to use freely without the uses of cadences, staying in place within himself, that breeds victory, witness his speeches when he's speaking, listen he leaves his-story (history)

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