Hip Hop Hip Hop


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Hip Hop Hip Hop, It all started from the Bronx
Biggie Smalls and Tupac helped make the hip hop
With the slick rhymes and big beats to the, Poetry and Beat box
Hip Hop Hip Hop, Rappers today think that hip hop
Is just about rapping words and singing songs
Niki Minaj should just make a rap about Ping Pongs
And she would still make millions off a dumb song
Hip Hop Hip Hop, If you listen to what they are saying
You'd be like "Man they just playing"
Always rapping about girls and having sex
Never about children without homes
That need to be blessed, man rappers today are just a mess
Hip Hop Hip Hop, But you see I;m the hypocrite
I know all of the words to every Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj songs
But my poem is not here to put any one down
But look at you look like a clown
Mouth full of gold, pockets full of cash
You ain't helping no one, you really think your first class??
You should just stop while you are ahead
Filling our heads with all of this gore, man this ain't even HIP HOP no more!!!


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