Hip Hop


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Storytellers, true storytellers
Talking about real life, their life
Not a dream or fantasy
Demanding positive social change
Using their fame
To improve the lives of others
Not to flaunt a shallow materialistic lifestyle with no hope of true happiness
We must demand an end to this
When did music become just way to make money
When did it stop being an art
Where did hip hop go
It must have died when the gossip became more important than the lyrics
when figuring out who is in the illuminati took priority over the hottest 16
Why do we spend $1.29 on the latest songs with the same message just different arrangements
Haters don't care, big house I live there
Nice car I drive it, jewelry and a fly chicks
I'm not a rapper but I could be
Play on your need for a descent beat, mediocre lyrics, a few big words you don't know the meaning of and don't really care, oh how easy it is to become a millionaire
Our women take pride in being an expletive
Our daughters aspire to be the baddest
Our sons want it all w/o putting in the work
And the men to teach them otherwise are absent
We give iPods to our children, let them fill it with this music
unmonitored and uncensored then send them to school expecting them to speak proper English
Instead of wanting to beez in the trap they need to beez in a book
so they can learn how to properly conjugate the verb to be
only then they can be great, awesome, and magnificent
instead of falling mercilessly to a four letter acronym
or captivated by a reality tv show
love and hip hop
which is nothing more than the present day black face
which breaks my heart
why are the Lupe’s, the Common’s, the Mos Def’s
the most underestimated
is it because they speak the truth and it hurts
or is it because they aren’t rapping the simple catchy lyrics you’ve become so accustomed to
the bang bang is more powerful than the conviction their lyrics may bring you
Auto-Tune sounds better than the alarm they are ringing
trying to get you to wake up and realize that there is more to this life than big booty girls, cars and money
or party after party
getting disgustingly wasted
waking up looking at the pictures posted online
hoping your boss didn’t see them and you don’t have to face him
but this is too much for you to handle
you’re just young and having fun right
and this is just music
it doesn’t shape who you are
but remember this what goes in will come out
you put it foolishness it will come out your mouth
right now is shaping who you will become
your personality your character the person you aspire to be
hip hop is not the same and if you continue to listen to it you won’t be either
go down the same path, turn into to trash and rot
the key to a strong community
is to save hip hop


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