Him over me

Months had gone by,

you were like a ghost to me

a year of friendship, torn at the seams

my heart stopped beating

the boom of the pain that struck my heart

i heard about the incident, everything was tasteless

worrying for him crowded my mind

rumors were anything but

reality was the truth

you didn’t want to remember me

it was as if you wanted to forget

amnesia was the gossip

stuttering with old skills

a part of my soul died in realization

I didn’t know who stared back at me

you faded into the background

and the phantom you became

but love does not so easily fade

the recollection of the phenomenon that was us

an illusion that I couldn’t let go of

your body and soul meant more to me than my own

to the point where I surrendered  

as my absorption lied on you


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My community
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