when i'm lying here in my bed

i always remember in my head

the things he did

the things he said


sitting on my bed

in his arms as he works his way into my head

and the sweet melody of his voice helps me to bed


as if a fire he keep my heart feeling worm

burning his image into my head

as well as those words

and the sweet memories

the sunsets

the dreams that follow

the sunrises

and the new memories the come


the cowboy hat

ripped jeans

riding on the back roads with you

each and every moment

each and every step we take is a step forward

and a new chance to live in the moment

and enjoy our lives

and think about what we have


as i sit on my bed on my own and see the tears rolling down my face

and as they roll down my pillow a sign of a survivor

not tears of sadness

but not tears of joy either

just knowing me and him

and our families have survived one more day in this place


he wipes away the tears

of my past

and tells me that everything is ok

even though he knows its not  

and tells me he is always there




every night he says good night

sometimes i wonder if he truly means it

i don’t know if he knows how much he means to me

good morning,


and everything inbetween


i like him and he likes me but…

does he really know how i feel?



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