The voice in my head is so pleasantly bi polar.

He'll come up with ideas that'll blind me ,intrigued.

But changes oh so suddenly to the darkest shade of grey.


He'll tell me "Oh Dearie, you surely didn't think I'd let you have a happy ending, would you?"

Then laugh hysterically as I nervously laugh with him.

The best thing you can do is accept your fate.


He'll be with me until the day I die,

and even after if he likes me.

He's been with me this whole time.

Helping me get through my macabre life.


My legs are stiffening from the little bit of land

that I have which only holds me, myself, and Him!

It's a lonely little island, and I'm too scared to swim away.

If I do either humiliation or death will await me.


No matter how insane it may be,

He is the best thing that has ever happened to me,

and giving him up is hopeless.


Look deeply into the mirror, and you'll see

the other side of me that smirks, and struts with confidence.

It's the same me, but freed.

With a penis.... and everything.

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I can associate with the poem. Wonderfull word use! Almost made me feel like i was in your head too :P


I'm so glad you liked it. I didn't think anyone would be able to relate to it, but I'm glad that you have. =] 

Mafi Grey

Really good...


Thank you! I'm so glad you thought so.

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