There is always something in life that I have an affinity for

He just happens to be the one that I think of the most

I mention him all the time till he becomes hackneyed in my mind

I need to think of fledging thoughts, those that does not contain him

He is a circle that I wish I was not contained in

But he is always in my mind like a monstrous plague

I may never be rid of him until all my days

I talk incessantly about him till my own friends get tired and shun him

But he is nothing but opulence in my mind

I have struck gold, isn't that divine?

His proximity makes me dream these endless dreams

When will I have a chance to finally flee?

I think that this may not be my most sagacious choice in life

But hey, if you never take chances, what would life truely be like?

I could never supplant him, he is impossible to be a fill in

He will always be dear to me, even if I am not to him

We have an unassailable attraction and that comes from within

He is voluminous than life, because life cannot contain him.


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