For Him...

I know we just met

And I don't really know you

But I listen to my heart and I'm really feeling something

See ya name on my phone and I swear I get to blushing

Only been a few days but I've really started crushing

And I don't mean to be so sudden

I don't wanna send you running

I just wanna chill maybe kick it at my crib or something

I know how I feel in my heart and in my mind

And the more I get to know you the more I wanna call you mine


This that shit

Man my heart speed up

And my knees go weak

Til I can't stand up

Got me falling quick

Got me taking risks

Thinking bout you only

Man I'm on that shit.


I peeped that you been hurt

Man I really fucking feel you.

And I'm still scared to love 

But I always get the feeling.

Couldn't pass you up though

My heart told me don't

And if you think that imma hurt you I just promise that I won't.





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